Allison Rosier and Grace

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Allison Rosier competes in the intergalactic multi-environment racing circuit in her ship, Grace. She is an upcoming racer with excellent skills and a great ship for vacuum environments, though her ship is less aerodynamic than many and she doesn't do as well in atmosphere.

Still, she is very proud of Grace and would love to show it off to you!

Click on an image for a closeup and description
Front high angle Front low angle Rear high angle
Top Side Front
Allison gets out Cockpit interior Storage space in the back
Landing gear deployed Landing gear stowed Closeup of body from below
Closeup of engine detailing Look maw, it separates! SNOT detail

I've posted two other ships that race in the same class: The Nebula-III and a Teardrop racer.

gallery added March 25, 2004

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