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To follow up my 7-Eleven store, I decided to build something that was about as recognizeable in the Pacific Northwest region. This chain has not been around nearly as long, but they appear to have a much higher store density around here. It is not uncommon at all to have 2 Starbucks stores within view of each other (I can think of 3 such pairs offhand). The stores tend to vary a lot more in their appearance, so I chose to make up the architecture and just use their colors as a guide. I got the sticker for the front from a Starbucks store nearby- I believe that they normally use them to seal bags of coffee beans. I was waiting in line with two of my kids, and the guy behind the counter handed a couple of stickers to them to help keep them quiet. The idea of building a Lego Starbucks had been brewing (so to speak) in my mind, so I asked him if I could have a couple more.

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Welcome! There is quite a line in front, which isn't unusual. Elevated shot of the front
The roof comes off... show interior details... ...including the counter area.
I also have a drive-through... ...and some tables out front. Thanks for checking us out!

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