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May 23, 2001: Jan whipped out his big 6-shooter. There are six new decks, submitted by Jan Malina, on the TW-era Sample Decks page. Be sure to handle carefully- these are hot!

March 23, 2001: Who's got the promos? I've got the promos- check 'em out! I added a new page- the Promo Cards page. This has images of every promotional card that has been released for Shadowfist to date. Now you can see all the obscure cards that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

March 21, 2001: The sting of a scorpion was never so sweet. In the past week I've updated the Card Sets and For the Collector pages to the current sets (TW and YotD) and revamped the Links again. I also finished a minor facelift project for the whole site that I partially completed on the Factions page well over a year ago.

March 15, 2001: This time I mean it. No, really. A little over 6 months ago, I said my site was not dead. But I haven't changed anything since then. Well, here is my first actual content update since the release of Throne War and Year of the Dragon. All I've actually added so far is a pair of post-TW decks. I've rearranged and snipped a bit as well in preparation for a full revamp of content. I fully intend to add more content in various areas in the next couple of weeks.

September 5, 2000: Let's give the new Shadowfist cards a big, sloppy kiss! Wow- they're finally here! That's all I have to say right now. My site is not dead. More coming soon.

June 14, 2000: Hafhead's 'fist-hole has finally moved to! Welcome to the new and slightly improved! I've had this domain for a few months now with my Lego stuff on it, but I have been waiting for a bit of a revamp before moving in my Shadowfist pages. The main changes in this update center around giving credit where credit is due- all card images now have alt text with copyright info, and my new copyright page lists all artwork used here by artist. Where possible, I've provided links to the artists' home pages. I also added a new page of collector's information. This isn't terribly useful, but it does have some info on card rarity and card counts by set. It will expand in the future.

October 5, 1999: Oh, happy day- the dead walk again! Check out the new home of Shadowfist on No longer the vagrant of the CCG world, 'Fist now has a place to sleep at night.

September 10, 1999: Whoops, I dropped the soap- please stand back while I pick it up. It has come to my attention that my copyright info is somewhat inaccurate. The individual artists each own their artwork. I already corrected the general statement at the bottom of the index page, but I'll also be overhauling the site as soon as possible so that each card image credits the appropriate party.

September 3, 1999: You can't play with 'em, but they sure look nice. I was borrowing a digital camera from a friend of mine to take pictures of some of my Lego creations, and I figured I'd snap a few shots of my Wall o' Fist while I was at it.

August 26, 1999: Sorry about the mess- will a fiver cover that? Nothing too big today. The Links page now matches the others and is also updated to show the current status of those sites. And I fixed a couple of rather embarrassing typos, including this gem: "...mixes technology with science..." Um, hello? Shouldn't one of those be "magic"?

August 25, 1999: Vanity thy name is, 'Fist site. I totally changed the look of my 'Fist site to be more consistent overall. I liked the color scheme of my Sample Decks section, so I copied that for all the pages. I have yet to change over the Links page to the new scheme, and the Decks section needs some tweaking to bring the layout more in line with the other pages. But overall the site is much more thematically coherent.

August 24, 1999: Rebirth brings change. The future is uncertain for the cards on my spoiler list. These may come out in the next expansion, or they may not. The next expansion may be Throne War, or it may not. In any case, the spoiler list no longer makes sense so I have taken it down. If I'm lucky, Z-Man will give me some spoilers to post in the future. I've also removed the "Deck-Building Tips" and "Terminology" pages. These sections have lain dormant for over a year and are still totally useless. Expect them to return when they make a bit more sense.

August 9, 1999: Copyright update!? Minor update- I'm just changing the copyright info, as it appears that 'Fist may be making something of a comeback. Congratulations to Z-Man Games, and I am looking forward to a brighter future for the best CCG out there.

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