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It's prime real estate in a box! If you have a retail chain that's successful on the Earth, but you haven't expanded into space yet, what's wrong with you?!? For just a couple million Lunar Lego Guilders, you too can get in on this rapidly-growing market.

This module is a simple grey box with as much glass as I could reasonably use, allowing you a decent view of the store inside. It can hold one of my town stores (though some of them are too tall). It is shown here with the 7-Eleven store.

Someone (Jon Palmer?) gave me the idea at NWBrickCon 2003, as a way to get Town stuff moved to the Space area, but it took my a year to get around to building it. If anyone reading this remembers making this suggestion there, let me know and I'll credit you instead of that poseur.

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Front angle Front Rear angle
Front closeup Opened up Inside

If you're wondering what a "Moonbase Module" is, check out the specs.

gallery added March 17, 2005

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